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The Handlebars debut “Tootin’ My Horn” on ‘Hart of Dixie’ Jan. 15!

Songs of the Architect is proud to announce the addition of a new band to our growing family of artists: Meet The Handlebars, an ambitious cross-country collective whose debut track, “Tootin’ My Horn,” premiered on the CW’s Hart of Dixie January 15! (Catch a sneak preview here.)

As the residents of Bluebell, Alabama geared up for Pioneer Days, viewers were treated to the merry whistling of SOTA’s freshest foursome. We were thrilled to be sharing screen space with the amazing Rachel Bilson and Scott Porter — we shall not go too deeply into our love of The OC and Friday Night Lights, respectively, otherwise we’d be here all day, but seriously, setting aside our love for Summer and Six, those shows were revolutionary just from a musical standpoint — and extra tickled that the Handlebars were heard in an episode that features Friend of SOTA (FoSOTA?) Laura Bell Bundy in her recurring role as Shelby.

You can find out more about the Handlebars on our “Meet the Artists” page. We’re sure this is just the beginning. Get in on the ground floor: watch Hart of Dixie online here, and come back here to talk about it any ol’ time you like. We’re here for you.

With love and baseball cards in our spokes,

– The Architects

One comment on “The Handlebars debut “Tootin’ My Horn” on ‘Hart of Dixie’ Jan. 15!

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