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why georgia?

At Songs of the Architect, we appreciate that you have a lot of choices when it comes to selecting music for your film or television project. That’s why we’re also committed to saving you money, by supporting the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act and the colossal benefits it can pass along to you, our future creative partner.

Originally passed in 2005, the Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act provides up to a 30 percent tax credit for qualifying film, TV, and commercial projects produced here in the State of Georgia – including any music that is composed for the project itself. Plan to spend a minimum of $500,000 on your project? This is the place to do it.*

Our state is currently home to feature film and television productions of all shapes and sizes, including AMC’s The Walking Dead, Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, and many more. With a deep crew base capable of shooting nine productions at once and scores of new facilities and suppliers, we’re confident you’ll find what you need to make your thing look great.

When you need music to accompany that great-looking thing – whether it be a series theme, feature score work, or simply a kick-ass song for the closing credits – we hope you’ll think of using one of the many excellent Georgia-based musicians and publishing companies. Like, oh, we dunno. But there are a few.

And hey, what if you’re just a musical artist, looking for the right place to record and produce? Perhaps consider Georgia! If you’re cutting tracks for your next album and thinking about including a making-of DVD, concert film, or music video, simply hit that $500,000 threshold within state lines, and the tax credit could be yours. Again, let us know if you think of a way we could help.

We share the confidence of the Georgia Film, Music & Digital Entertainment Office that our state has one of the most competitive incentive packages out there for creative professionals, and we encourage you to take advantage of everything this state can provide. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or visit the EIIA information page on for all the specifics.

* Is your budget smaller than $500,000? We still want to work with you. We can’t promise the state will cut you a check afterwards. But we’ll make you some awesome music.

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