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Presenting A Very SOTA Christmas, Vol. 1: Our first holiday album!

Back in the oppressive heat of the Georgia summer, we fired up the 2-inch tape machine, invited our friends the Galavanters over to help us break in a new reel, and ended up a few days later with a bunch of classy-sounding holiday tracks. Thus through the back half of the year did we eke out time here and there to bring in friends, family and some of our favorite artists to finish out a collection of holiday favorites, originals and oddities. And while we have larger plans in mind for a release down the road, it all feels too Scrooge-like to keep this first collection to ourselves. So for a limited time, we would like to offer up to you all a preview of what we hope to make a new holiday tradition around here: A Very SOTA Christmas.

A Very SOTA Christmas, Vol. 1 features tracks by The Shadowboxers, Indianapolis Jones, Michelle Malone, Stephen Kellogg, Tim Smith, Mike Snowden, Marshall Ruffin, Alex Gordon Hi-Fi, The Handlebars, Tres Lechers, and Big Mike Geier joined by Larkin Poe. Most of the performances are backed by The Galavanters, a timeless instrumental quartet comprised of veteran Atlanta area musicians, Nick Niespodziani, Benji Shanks, Mark Cobb and Brandon Bush.

Between now and Christmas, you can get (or give!) your copy of A Very SOTA Christmas, Vol. 1 here:


The album is available at a variety of other digital retailers as well, but there are too many for us old fogies to keep up with (see above, 2-inch tape machine!!). Just assume it’s everywhere. And enjoy!

Fa la la la la, la la la laaaa

The Architects

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