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The Bush Brothers cover Lou Reed: In Memoriam


The leaves are falling to the concrete here in Georgia and blowing around outside the studio. In observance of the passing of Lou Reed we decided to record one of our favorite Lou songs last week, because we figured getting lost in one of his songs would be the best way to honor his memory.

We here at SOTA headquarters are saddened by his passing. We hope you listen to this Bush Brothers rendition of “What’s Good – The Thesis” and hear our love for this man and his music.

Brandon: “He was a champion of the weirdness. The first time I heard Velvet Underground was at a mime class at camp.”

Tom: “He tells the coolest stories.”

KB: “I love the way he phrases his lyrics. I look up to him in how the rhythm of the words carries so much importance. I always believed him, somehow. It feels to me as if he operated without fear.”

What did you learn or take from Lou Reed?

In love and rock,
The Architects

One comment on “The Bush Brothers cover Lou Reed: In Memoriam

  1. Jerry Neal
    November 6, 2013

    yesssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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