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TLC’s ‘Family SOS’ features “Stuck In the Middle”: Watch the commercial here!


“Supernanny” Jo Frost brings her famous no-nonsense approach to teens and troubled families in TLC’s new summer reality series Family S.O.S with Jo Frost, and SOTA’s “Stuck In the Middle” underscores the commercials now airing in advance of the May 28 premiere. Written by Architect in Chief Kristian Bush, Brandon Bush, Atlanta producer Jon Jon Webb, and Boys Like Girls frontman Martin Johnson, the track also appears on the latter’s Crazy World LP, in stores now.

Watch the commercial here!

One comment on “TLC’s ‘Family SOS’ features “Stuck In the Middle”: Watch the commercial here!

  1. Letycia guedea
    June 6, 2013

    Jo I think that u r the best person I have ever seen on tv and that every time I see u everything g is so successful in the family man if u were at my house u would freak!!!!!!!

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