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In the Studio: May 8, 2012

Nathan Chapman, Day Two: He and I are trying everything we can not to start a band.

Today: “There’s a hole in it, hole in it, go put your soul in it and take it down a brick at a time…”  I think we just put a gospel choir and a classic Beatles guitar solo in this song…

We are both staring at the wah-wah pedal and neither of us will plug it in… but we want to.

I think we are gonna hook up the Merc.

The Merc is the shell of an old industrial thermostat. We have carefully removed the toxic substances and fused it with the insides of a crybaby wah, then replaced the foot pedal with a knob filter switch. It is now like the superhero of guitar pedals, mysteriously stronger after the accidental radiation exposure.

Probably more soon,

– the Architect in Chief

One comment on “In the Studio: May 8, 2012

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