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Stream the Dead Rabbits’ ‘A Record to Break’ EP

Dead Rabbits is a garage / blues band with a lot of soul. The band was formed in January 2009, but the members have a history that goes back much farther. Vocalist/guitarist Joshua DeRosa and drummer/vocalist Lucas Fuentes, met during their freshman year of High School in ’02 and have since formed numerous bands together. Over the years their musical styles have grown and matured together to create their unique sound. Dead Rabbits’ are raw and melodic with firm roots in ’60s garage rock and early blues. Their live performances have a commanding presence and are full of energy, to say the least. With Dead Rabbits’ determination to keep the music simple and gritty, and the performances wild and energetic, the band is sure not to blend in or disappoint.

Stream their newest EP, A Record to Break, and find out more about this duo below…

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