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In the Studio: August 31, 2012

Thomas Walker Tapley here, checking in from north of SOTA Headquarters…

I arrived at my house yesterday to find this lovely package waiting for me. At SOTA, we are constantly looking for new gadgets to enhance our music experience — and hopefully yours as well.  The publishing house/studio (studio/publishing house, depending on who you ask) is a constant work in progress that I have the luxury of outfitting with equipment here and there, which is a dream come true for a guy like me.

In the past two months we have added a Logic workstation, a 24-track tape machine and other assortments of goodies. This is our newest addition, and it’s called the “Sarge.” It comes to us from Analog Outfitters, based out of Illinois — a big thank you to Ben Juday and his team — and its guts are all from the mighty Hammond organ lineage. Let me tell you, this amp screams, howls, and shreds. We’re coming back after Labor Day to make some noise.

Forever Rock,


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